Why an alternative gym?

We offer more benefits and more personalized. You can learn kick boxing, boxing, have a fitness body and lose stress.

What classes can you do?

Our school or dojo, we give kick boxing, boxing, fitness and self defense in the same class, you will not have to take different classes and consume your time.

How long is a class?

They are from 45 minutes to 1h or 1h15 depending on the level of training you choose, understanding that not all people have the same lung capacity, physical resistance or years of training, the sensei or instructor will advise you on your training route.

What levels are there?

  • Initiation: for all people who never performed martial arts or self defense, or physical activity.
  • Basic: students who already practice sports or basic levels of martial arts, in these classes we teach more technical and physical level.
  • Advanced: already expert students with many years of training in martial arts, these classes will be very technical and with a high physical level.

How is one our class?

The classes have a martial teaching system with Japanese philosophy, we will begin with a greeting from the teacher to all the students. A warm-up and a good stretch for the whole body and avoid injuries. We will continue with movements looking at the mirror or in combinations directed by the teacher while the assistants are correcting. We will continue with a physical program where the students will give their best, rest for a few minutes to hydrate and continue with exercises for couples and more physical. We will work cloths, mittens or bags depending on the day. In training you will use all parts of the body, both upper and lower.

Why are our gym classes different?

We carry out a weekly training plan that is explained to the instructors and practiced.

We train and train our teachers every week so that the classes are very motivating to our students. We have 3 teachers per class to be more for the students in each class. You will perform physical exercises using your whole body and mind, that is another main difference between a sports center and us. You will always be thinking about coming to train, not to lose weight or get in shape, but to want to learn more every day while you get fit and tighten your muscles. All of our students have spent at some point in their lives in gyms and ended up with us

many years as if every day was his first time. Our martial training is fun, you will meet new people and make friends and all this in a positive and healthy environment.

Who are our teachers?

They are martial arts professionals with more than 15 years of training and teaching.

This will help you achieve your personal goals and, most importantly. If you're not motivated yet, don't worry, you will be. You'll walk out of class like a toddler when he has a new toy.

You will gain personal security and this will help you in case any
day you have to defend yourself from any aggression or it will even help you to be more attentive to these situations.

In short, we are a good alternative to the gym.

The most important thing about all this is that YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY PUNCH OR PUNCH. (Only 5% of our students want to compete in kickboxing and are in special classes for it).