Un cumpleaños diferente

It will be a black belt for 1 day that a boy or girl would not like to be a black belt and perform exercises with their classmates or family members, where they will feel like a protagonist of a movie.

Martial arts teachers directing the party where they will be with the children doing all the exercises, games and celebration of everything that a party entails.

Donde queremos que sea una fiesta exclusiva, única, y por lo tanto personalizada, demostrando cómo es posible divertirse y pasarlo bien de una manera sana, positiva, que fomente el trabajo en equipo, la colaboración de los niños y niñas mientras se divierten. Nuestro compromiso es que se queden con un recuerdo imborrable y que todos salgan con una gran sonrisa.

It is an alternative to playgrounds and other places for children where parents will be stressed with what to do for them and how to control all friends and family. Our parties can be of 30 or more children with the same feeling of being with 5 children, thanks to our martial experience with them.

The costs of hiring magicians or singers will be to be able to do different things, it will only help you for 15 minutes since they will get tired of doing the same. Every 3 minutes we change the games or exercises so that they are always tense and enjoying themselves.

Grupos de cumpleaños

Si estabas buscando un lugar donde juntar diferentes amigos, que quieran celebrar su día especial todos juntos, te damos las facilidades con nosotros.

Consúltanos y podrás promover este día con más padres y hacer algo diferente en equipo. El coste será el mismo para un niño o niña que para un grupo de 2 o 3 cumpleaños juntos.

Rules and safety at the party 

Before starting the party, the instructor will set some guidelines to be able to carry out the party for all the guests, where pushing or disrespect is prohibited in the middle of the party. Explaining that it is a very special day for the child who turns one.

Our parties guarantee us for being fun and with a lot of discipline where parents will see a perfect party.

The games and activities will be

Gymkama, Karaoke, Dance Contest, samurai fight, physical, psychic, coordination, speed tests, fun Martial arts class etc.

The exercises or games will be consulted with the parents to reach the success of the party.

It may be 4 years to 14 years where the youngest children will play more games for their ages and the most adult courses on personal safety such as avoiding aggressors or personal defenses.

  • 30 minutes where parents must attend before the start, to decorate the tables to their liking with the help of the instructor, and place the drinks and food. The instructor will decorate the room or tatami or training place. The guests will arrive and then they will be accommodated and given a series of instructions and safety rules.
  • 40 minutos ya en inicio de la fiesta donde el niño o la niña será cinturón negro por un día para ellos será algo que nunca olvidaran y donde el será durante un tiempo el profesor de artes marciales que con las técnicas que le irá indicando el instructor de artes marciales. Con programas físicos y ejercicios de seguridad personal .Todo tendrá una  dificultad baja para que ellos se sientan cómodos y no crear rivalidad.
  • 20 minutes: we will celebrate happy birthday by turning off all the lights and being able to sing and take pictures of it. We will continue with the food and rest of the children.
  • 45 minutos: continuaremos realizando juegos por equipos y concursos de baile o karaoke, etc, según lo elegido por los padres y en niño o niña que cumple los años.
  • 15 minutes: the gifts will be delivered one by one where they will already be stored before the party. We will take photos throughout the party.
  • 30 minutos: ya finalizada, los padres recogerán a sus hijos mientras los instructores permanecerán esperando a los padres y recogiendo los preparativos.el tiempo máximo será 30 minutos para no tener un incremento.

Juniors or juveniles in these cases we will do many similar things like the little ones but giving more importance to courses on personal defense and personal safety. We will talk with parents to see what activities or games they want to do.

  • 2 Instructores
  • 3 h alquiler de la sala
  • Decor
  • Tables
  • Stereo

PRECIO: 250€

Way to pay:

To reserve the day and time of the party, it will be necessary to pay it by bank transfer or at the school before the party.