Because a coach

We will help you achieve all your goals very differently than in group classes or if you train alone. We will explain the exercises well so that you understand how the muscle works to improve both its health in injuries and the benefits of training. With his technical level and experience in athletes, this will give you more evolution in less time.

Our teachers

They are martial experts since the sensei performed karate, full contact, semi-conatct, kick boxing, muay thai, jiujitsu, defense courses for the police and world champion. Its instructors are international competitors and professionals in martial teaching both children and adults.

What difference is there in our training

Our work of pads or mittens with our system the classes will be very fun. The pads or mittens are placed by the teacher in the hands and he will train you in a part of the class so that at the same time you lose fat, gain physical background and rapid self-defense, and you will realize in a very short time in your physical change, since we can do it at an initiation level for people who never did anything, basic all people who did some sport or advanced for professionals in any sport. We will accelerate your loss of fat and your personal defense. In some fun and different classes.

That I can train in the classes

Our teachers can give you kick boxing classes, self defense, fitness kick boxing, boxing, combat or competition classes, healthy eating, fat loss, weight loss, bodybuilding with your own body without gym equipment, you will have a fitness body . You can do all this together or separately, we will adapt to the student.


We are specialized in children, youth or adults. The ages start from 2 years with a pedagogical system with prizes for children. Here at these ages we also involve parents. From the age of 4 we can already perform both exercises and martial arts to improve discipline and coordination.

Realization of the classes

We will do them at the school, the student's home or outdoors in these places outside the school, the price for the transfer of the teacher will be increased.

Classes for groups

You can train in the same class with your partner or friends where we can also send it to your home or place you indicate.

Courses for companies

From classes for large groups to motivation and teamwork using martial arts as a path of philosophy.

Small businesses that want to improve their personal defense to avoid altercations with 

Customers or learn to reduce without having to hurt.

You only need one trial class!