Benefits of the Classes

You will improve in quick and effective self defense where you will feel more secure. We make this contact sport in our school like a martial art, using a Japanese training system and its philosophy. You will lose stress while putting on a fit body, as you will use all parts of your body.

How is a class

Classes are divided into beginner, basic, advanced or competitive levels. You will learn the basics of boxing with high and low legs, within the same class we will teach you a little self defense so that you learn different things that are not only hitting.

The duration of the classes are from 45 minutes to 1h15 depending on the physical level of the student or class.

You can be like a good kickboxer by making pads and mitts. This will help you understand what a match really is like without actually doing it (unless you are in competitor classes). We do a good training, not just hitting the bags.

You will have a high level of kickboxing, while burning more than 800 calories per hour. We perform the techniques well and this will help you avoid future injuries. You will use fists, legs, elbows and knees, understanding that they can also help you defend yourself in case of need.


They will greet each other when entering the tatami or dojo as a sign of respect and when class begins.


Every day you will have a different, fun and motivating one with a complete stretching work to avoid injuries in the class and improve your day to day.

Self Defense

Being a Japanese system you will learn how to fall to the ground and defend yourself, avoid or get out of a robbery, verbal intimidation and everything that personal defense entails. On-site or combined techniques: the instructor will teach techniques that the other students will perform with him while the other instructors will correct both on-site and from one side of the mat to the other in order to understand well and be a good boxer kick.

Kicking job

It is very important to do it in each class since the 60% of the class is the most used or in a competition. Both the right and left legs will be worked no matter if you are right or left handed. Many people ask us that they cannot kick kicks at the level of the face and we answer that this does not matter since you can also do them at the knee and it is more effective.


This section is divided into 2 parts, one of which is tabata exercises where you will get the maximum explosiveness and you will learn how to lose more fat by doing exercises with your own body. The second section is in pairs or alone, with cloths, a jacket or the student-by-student instructors will make mittens.

End of class

A Japanese greeting and concentration will be performed for 1 minute. Once the class is over, the instructors will talk with different students to review techniques or physics to improve their time at school.

Now you just need to take a test class!