Because these classes

Tired of going to a gym with many students or doing boring machines We will help you reach your goals and achieve your physical goal.

It is proven that the 80% of the students of a gymnasium is erased after the first 2 months to be always the same and boring. Where you can only learn if you go with a very advanced partner or hire a personal trainer.

Our Fitness Kick Boxing program is not a martial arts center with weights or treadmills. Every day you will come to your class motivated because they are fun and different. You will manage to get in shape without realizing it while having fun in the classes.

What we do in our classes

You will mix all martial arts without physical contact to learn a little self defense while having fun with your companions. Our system is not only alone, it is also in pairs of the same class so that you have friends and come with great enthusiasm. The teachers will carry out one-on-one training at the end of the class with mittens

You will lose weight and fat

Have fun while burning 800-1200 calories per hour. Not only do we exercise to burn a lot of calories, you will also develop all the muscles in your body with physical programs carried out within our classes to tone or lose fat. Our teachers are not only professionals in kick boxing fitness or self defense, they are also experts in physical work. They know how to do the exercises to take advantage of every minute in your personal change and avoid injuries. We will carry out a food program

Heal so you can get your results faster. If you have a physical problem from any injury, the instructor will change the exercises in the group classes so that you can follow the class and be able to improve and tone your whole body without causing more problems to an injury.

You will leave stress at home

Not only the physical is important if your head does not stop thinking about problems or work and family situations, your body will not change. For this reason, in many gyms where you see that people are with their mobile phones while they are training, this means that they continue to think without doing the most important thing forgetting everything during a class that is for you.

We will make you lose stress since you will have a lot of fun in class and you will leave your mobile in the locker.

No one magically gains overweight

Overnight, but somehow we always hope to lose those extra pounds by some miracle, with dieting, a new workout of 15 minutes a day. Eat few times a day but a lot or not eat and have dinner as if they were 3 meals. You will see that after 3 months in Fitness Kickboxing classes you will realize that your body will change quickly, not only will it be physical but also the loss of stress, with all these reasons you will improve your meals and your workouts.

Motivation = Discipline

You only need one trial class!