Why learn self defense

We think that it is very important for our students since it is not only in case something happens to you, you will gain a lot of personal security and this will help you more not to enter conflictive situations or avoid problems without thinking about what you are doing. Most of the problems are always verbal in situations such as hitting the car, queues or insults. You can avoid all these conflicts if you are well prepared since you will never get nervous and you will be calming down in any situation. You will quickly see the danger and you will know that you will not go through this street or place or in a robbery you will be quick to reflexes.


We teach classes for children from 2 years old, youth and adults

What will you learn in our classes

The first is confidence in yourself followed by reflexes, strength and speed with a good physical shape. The physical form is very important you will not be able to stop a blow or do an exercise if you can walk and you get tired. You will NOT learn self defense in 1 week this is impossible, but you will learn personal safety and avoid situations.

Class start:

We will warm up and stretch to avoid injuries and be able to perform all exercises well.

Situations of the day:

Each month we will work a block to memorize the exercises well in pairs or groups. It can be from a robbery with a knife, insults, intimidation, entering a portal, a bar, inside a car, a rape or helping a person. There are many situations in life. The important thing is that you live these exercises as if they were real.

kick boxing

Very important to learn all the boxing techniques with legs, knees and elbows. This will help you get in good physical shape WITHOUT PHYSICAL CONTACT, you will improve your physical strength and you will always have it stored for any situation where you see yourself in danger, it will be your hidden weapon.

Physical and fitness

In this we mold your body so that you look better with exercises with your own body

Since we are an alternative gym without weights or treadmills. You can burn 800 calories per class and lose fat until after you leave the gym. Accelerating your basal metabolism.

You will also hit the instructor's bags or pads so that you can use all the techniques learned in class.

You only need one trial class!