Benefits of the Classes

Our specialization in martial arts began with children from 2 years to 16 years. Our activities are made up of experts in children's education with the maximum teachers per class of 2 to 3 teachers to be more for the students. Martial arts preparing for competition or fighting is not the most important thing. Respect for parents, family and teachers are important values to teach children. By starting apart from learning to defend themselves also physical programs and knowing when to use these techniques, they will learn to solve problems themselves in a non-aggressive way. Within a class they will work on karate, judo, taekwondo, jiujitsu and personal defense techniques.

How is a class

We will make a single file at the entrance of the tatami and the teacher will let you in one by one greeting you saying “oss”. As everyone gets in line they will all greet the teacher at the same time to start the class.


All the warm-ups will be different and planned each day with a monthly work plan so that the classes are fun. We can start with exercises on the site or in pairs with the other children with fun exercises. Then we will begin the stretching in pairs or with the teacher.

Self Defense

By working on different aspects of martial arts, the diversification of techniques will be very wide. Techniques such as falling to the ground or getting out of this situation or an attack on a partner and being able to help or see them where you can answer without giving importance to the swear words they say. 

Techniques on site or pairs

They will learn different movements both in the place where the class started and by combining from one side of the room to the other. With fist and leg techniques. In pairs they can learn real situations where they can imagine techniques like learning to defend themselves in a dangerous situation. Both left and right side work will be emphasized regardless of whether you are right or left handed. 

Physical work 

It is a very important element in all martial classes, especially when it is for children. But any martial art will help you improve your lung capacity, physical strength, bones, ligaments and joints, and improve your immune system function. Both with tabata exercises or hitting the bag, mittens or cloths.

End of class

At the end of the class we will meditate for a very short time so that the child learns to relax. The sensei instructors and classmates will be greeted.


  • From 2 to 3 years: This age is the most difficult since most will be their first physical activity in a group. The groups will be very small and trying the first classes to do them with the help of the parents so that they know the instructor.
  • From 4 to 6 years: With this age it is much easier since they are excited to be with more children and do a lot of quick exercises and martial techniques.
  • From 7 to 10 years: Many teachers call them the golden age for the desire to learn and absorb everything that is taught and their muscles as coordination are more prepared.
  • From 11 to 13 years old: Their physical capacity is almost like that of an adult where they are between children and adults and do not know where to place themselves, so the martial arts will help them choose good actions and know the things that are wrong within their environment .
  • From 14 to 16 years old: They will be classes like those of adults, understanding that they already have the same lung capacity and their bodybuilding is almost formed. This class is important for the values of a leader team where some will help their colleagues and learn to be responsible.

Discipline in Life

There are many cultures in which children are quiet for hours because the particular and personal situation requires it. This shows the natural ability that children have once they understand what is appropriate and expected of them. There is a lot of movement in the life of a young person: a lot to do, adventure, exploration, curiosity. Sometimes the body travels faster than the mind can rationalize and monitor, and that is why some active children can be clumsy, restless, and continually unfocused. There is often a disconnect between your physical control and your environment. Intellectually, they can also be compromised. Being attentive and following directions clearly is difficult when one's attention is in question all the time. 

School work, household and personal responsibilities, and daily activities will suffer. This often leads to repercussions or disappointments, and will eventually make the child feel misunderstood. This does not have to be this way.

The positive influence of discipline through Martial Arts

Children (and most adults) need guidance to develop self-discipline. Even when they understand what is good and what is bad, most children lack the discipline to fight impulses or the constant drive to achieve their goals. They are also easily distracted by obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

The system we offer at "KickBoxing Madrid" helps to achieve that self-discipline necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve your goals.

They will develop an unbroken spirit and moral values that will help them be successful in all areas of their lives. Better grades in school, better behavior at home, healthier habits, and the confidence to achieve whatever goal they set for themselves. These are just some of the benefits that after many years we have seen in schools.

With safe training and positive reinforcement, instructors teach children effective self-defense and instill the discipline necessary for children to improve and be successful in all aspects of their lives. Mind-body interaction is what separates and differentiates us from other physical activities. Both aspects, physical and mental, become one. Instructors are highly trained to create the atmosphere in which disciplined training can be implemented and maintained. This discipline is not only taught in class, but is taught to have it throughout the day. Forever.

Self-awareness is an important aspect of self-discipline. Some children, when presented to things that make them uncomfortable, tend to draw their attention away from it and try to avoid eye contact, speak in a lower voice, have rigid or robotic, unnatural body language, etc.

There are behavior problems that conflict with children's true self-discipline. These are:

- Constant movement and restlessness
- Interruption of classes
- Lack of knowledge of limits and filters when speaking
- They try to distract others in class
- They want to attract attention
- They need to disconnect from class or leave the place where they are

This type of behavior is typical when you find yourself in a situation that initially seems different or uncomfortable. Shyness and insecurity can also be a factor. Our instructors know how to assess personality and what needs to be done to get you to a place where these defense mechanisms or behaviors are no longer displayed or needed.

Concentration without distractions

Boys and girls learn very quickly during childhood. Their world and their perceptions are very different. Like a puppy or kitten, they have an innate curiosity about almost everything, and it is often difficult to prioritize what is most important to focus on at the time. Even if they know that something should have their full attention, they have a hard time doing it.

The “kickboxing Madrid” program for them creates a positive difference

One of the greatest benefits that martial arts training provides is the ability to concentrate. No matter what age or stage of development the child is in, it will improve. Even parents of children with ADD or ADHD have confirmed a significant increase in their ability to concentrate, increased attention, and more appropriate behavior from their son or daughter. This translates into better grades in school. Both parents and teachers at the school have recognized the amazing change after the boy or girl started training with our martial arts system. Once a young person learns to improve their attention and concentration, they will find that they can easily do things that were once challenging. Once this happens, they will begin to enjoy the learning process, both in school, and in martial arts school, as in everything else they do. 

Not surprising or impossible, our instructors see it every day in class. The martial arts school becomes the foundation for increased concentration and attention, and this has a positive effect on the student in many ways. 

The benefits obtained in "kickboxing Madrid" extend far beyond the martial arts school. Concentration and attention help children in all activities, including other sports, social interactions, and at school. 

Concentration challenges have proven that children can lose their attention when doing things they think are too difficult for them. That is why it is important to encourage children and evaluate their progress positively, rather than negatively evaluating what they are not doing well. 

Television and screen time, for example, can decrease their attention span.

Limiting this consumption one hour a day produces benefits. 

Any mental health problem can compromise a child's attention span and concentration. Anxiety, sadness, and anger can be negative things. Having a positive outlet and encouraging the child to express his feelings will certainly help. 

We know what we can do to make a difference. And we've been very successful doing it. Our instructors know how to make them change for the better. The fact of practicing martial arts and its training creates a greater capacity for attention and concentration, which gradually expands over time. 

Confidence: The feeling that all children have after a few classes at Kick Boxing Madrid

It is a fact. Safe children are very happy. Kickboxing Madrid's youth programs instill tremendous confidence and provide children with the tools to reach their full potential and lead happy and successful lives. Focus, discipline, tenacity, and the ability to protect themselves will help children achieve their goals at school, at home, and beyond. Confident children are happy children, and happy children are generally more confident. Our children's programs create a clear self-perpetuating cycle of confidence, and our qualified instructors accelerate and enhance this cycle for children and young adults.

A typical day for children and adolescents would be a day when they go to school, make life at home, play sports, interact with family and friends, etc. But very often young people find themselves in unfamiliar situations or circumstances, and it is important to know how to act in those moments. An insecure child will tend to be more withdrawn, uncomfortable and carefree. Childhood is the precursor to adulthood, and this transition occurs in a relatively short period of time, therefore, the tendencies that are acquired when they are young are important because they will mark adult life.

The older you get, the harder it is to break habit and negative self-evaluations. Training in martial arts at a young age creates a solid foundation of confidence that will be built year after year.

And looking one step further, a martial arts student learns that the mind controls the body. He is a calm, peaceful, self-confident person, who has a positive outlook on life and is mentally and physically healthy.

Where do we start with building trust?

At first, when starting martial arts classes, children tend to be a bit shy. It may be due to the new environment, other children they do not know, or seeing a more formal structure that they are not used to. That is why it is important to have instructors who not only know kickboxing, but who have extensive experience teaching children.

At the “kickboxing Madrid” school, your children are training with first-rate instructors who are experts in both areas. Regardless of the tendencies and attitudes your child displays in early classes, the instructors have been through it before and know how to guide him to overcome anything negative that might inhibit his ability to shine in class. From day one, generosity and personal attention are provided to ensure the new student is in a comfort zone as quickly as possible.

Trust continues to build

Parents will notice results outside of martial art practice. Trust is no longer something external, and is implemented in the boy or girl.

Parents will find that their child has:

  • Increased eye contact with others
  • More engaged conversations with adults
  • Less chance of being affected by criticism or bullying
  • Decreased need to be overly competitive with peers
  • General concentration throughout the day, on all tasks and routines to be performed

A child will surely do better in school and they will be able to be more concentrated when it comes to doing school homework or weekend activities. The child's own personality will develop in a very positive way.

Beyond initial confidence

While the confidence you feel at the culmination of years of kickboxing training is the end goal, the initial stages of building confidence can pay off right away. At “kickboxing Madrid” we instill the confidence that helps children lead happy and successful lives. Focus, discipline, tenacity, and the ability to protect themselves help children achieve their goals in school and beyond.

Our instructors have been teaching children for more than two decades. That has shaped a program that we believe is the best that can be offered anywhere.

There is no better time to start building trust.

When a student told his teacher that he regretted not having started training earlier, the teacher told him; "You start when you start, but it's never too late." When someone starts training at a young age, they can really excel during their formative years.

We look forward to teaching your children. It will be great to see them move forward and progress, both mentally and physically.

You just need to take a test class!