The Benefits of Kickboxing for Kids

A mix of Kick Boxing and martial values. You will learn the basics of the fists and legs. Within the same class we will teach you self-defense and gain personal security, so that you learn different situations and not just hit. Trust and team training will be fostered. Boys and girls will not only learn to defend themselves. Our classes teach values such as respect, self-discipline, concentration and knowing how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Kick boxing classes are much more than just learning and practicing how to protect and defend yourself. Our training, in addition to being fun, will help them achieve incredible things and a correct orientation for their future. 

Boys and girls will increase and improve their coordination, body awareness, strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness. Along with this physical side, they also develop a clear and focused mind and an unwavering spirit. Everything works in harmony, and helps your child improve in class, at home, at school and everything else he does in his daily life. 

At school

School teachers notice the difference in school work and grades improve when the child feels secure about himself. Your ability to focus for longer periods of time becomes obvious. They are more likely to be involved with their lessons and participation in classrooms, to give input, and to ask for help when they feel they need it. The discipline they learn in class will carry over to school, and they will be more focused on their homework and will be more respectful of the environment. When talking to other people, especially adults, they will be more likely to have eye contact, which is very difficult to see in children. Your child will learn to stand up for himself and not be shy or intimidated in difficult situations.

Kickboxing instructors for children

Our classes are led by 2 or 3 instructors according to the volume of children to give personalized attention. Each school is run by a martial director with more than a decade of intensive training for children from 2 years old.

family kickboxing

You will quickly see the benefits of our training and our martial arts system. We all want the best for our children, and as parents, we have to make many decisions to give them experiences and learning opportunities. But you know well that even if you can point it to something you want them to do, it won't work unless they like it and are excited to go to class. You can't force them to play the violin or play soccer all day. They have to want to. After so many years and hearing so many testimonies, we can say that the children love our classes, and once they enter, they no longer want to leave. They may be shy at first, especially during the first two or three classes, but our instructors, with their long experience teaching children, know how to recognize this and help them in that short initial period. Afterwards they will adapt and be happy and proud to be students. From experience, a lot of parents tell us that kids can't wait to go to training! 

Levels and ages of children in Kickbing Madrid in Madrid

They are divided by age:

  • 2 to 3 years
  • 4 to 6 years
  • 7 to 9 years,
  • Juniors or Youth.

It may be that some classes are groups modified. Both the initiation, basic, advanced or competitor levels will be within the hours from Monday to Friday. The duration of the classes are:

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 1 hour / 1:15 hours depending on the age or physical level of the student.

Combat and competitions for Kickboxing children

For combat it will only be carried out with a signed parental authorization and with those children and in groups that are never to be carried out with the other students. The competitions will not be promoted in the class, only for the groups that want to do it.

How is a Class in Kickboxing Madrid

There will be a line at the entrance of the tatami to start while the teacher greeted each student and saying where the students have to be placed, with the help of the other instructors. The child will greet the sensei or instructor saying "oss", since it is a Japanese kick boxing system.


We will do a different warm-up each day with physical exercises using fun games to work as a team. The stretches will be done with the teacher or in pairs between the students.

Self Defense

Being a Japanese system you will learn how to fall to the ground and defend yourself, avoid or get out of an attack without doing harm, verbal intimidation or bullying.

Techniques on site or pairs 

The instructor will teach techniques on site, combined or in pairs, for the other students to do with him and the other instructors in the class will be correcting.

Kicking job

For us it is the most important part of the class since the 50% of the class or of a personal defense is the most used. Both the right and left legs will be used, regardless of whether the child is right or left-handed. Very important for other sports that the child performs both legs. 


It will be divided into different parts such as tabata exercises, which the students will take maximum explosiveness to burn fat and help them in other sports, other than martial arts. These exercises can be practiced at home with the parents or by yourself. Another section would be to carry out sack or in pairs, paos with the partner or the instructor will make mittens.

End of class

At the end there will be a short meditation with a greeting to the sensei or instructor and the other classmates as a sign of respect. The instructors will spend more time with children who have problems due to problems with concentration, coordination or to review technical levels by their belt.

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