Our classes will help you improve your body and mind with the best boxing workouts.

We not only do boxing if you cannot perform high intensity physical exercises with your body without using any machine like in gyms, since we look for an alternative without machines or treadmills. Where we will put you in physical shape only using your own body.

Start with us with our classes now, because we will help you achieve your goals and achieve your physical goal.

It is proven that the 70% of gym students are erased after the first 2 months to be a boring program and realize that they do not achieve their goals.

Our Boxing program

It is not a martial arts center with weights or treadmills, here we will only focus on fun and technical classes. We have initiation, basic and advanced levels every day of the week with different teachers in the class to be more for the student and be able to do so. to correct.
You will manage to get in shape without realizing it while having fun in the classes.

We do classes and tone your whole body and in a few weeks you will see the results.

Have fun while you learn and burn between 800 and 1200 calories in class.
This program will help you to be better and you will see that even if one day you do not feel like exercising, these classes motivated you to come to train when you realize it is not only physical if you are not learning self-defense without realizing it. 

Not only do we do technique or physical, we also do a stretching program based on all martial arts.

Our class

It begins with a warm-up and then followed by stretching of the whole body, then we will continue with some technical movements looking at the mirror and once a week we will give self-defense techniques, we will continue with a high intensity physical program, later we will continue after pausing With movements from one side of the school to the other, all these forms simulate an imaginary combat in order to understand boxing well.

We will continue again with a high intensity physique and we will continue in pairs with a program carried out to learn to defend and attack in order to understand well the use of the techniques, we end with bag work, cloths or mittens depending on the day, since every day is different and you won't be able to know which exercises they play.

Our teachers

They are not only professionals in kick boxing, boxing or self defense, they are also experts in physical work. They know how to do the exercises to take advantage of every minute in your personal change and avoid injuries.

They will make you a healthy food program so you can get your results faster.
If you have a physical problem from any injury, the instructor will change the exercises in group classes so that you can improve and tone your whole body without
cause injury problems. 

Now you just need to take a test class!