The "thugs" go for the weak

The prevention of bullying is a topic of great concern and is discussed today, and with good reason. Every week in the news we hear more and more stories about bullying. Many of us have first-hand knowledge of what is going on locally, in schools or activities our own children attend and participate in. It can occur on the street, in parks or other areas of your environment. 

Some adults may be inclined to downplay the problem by saying things like "kids are kids" or "kids are cruel sometimes," but the fact is, when your child is bullied, you know how horrible it can be. Bullying is often accompanied by another layer of threats, and the victimized child clearly “believes” that they should not inform anyone about what happened. If it did, there would be worse repercussions.

Inside or outside the school

The life of your son or daughter can be affected by fear of the current situation. While many institutions have now implemented comprehensive anti-bullying measures to identify and monitor bullying, and have incorporated ways within their professional scope to address it, that does not necessarily make it go away. It can still happen. It can still happen again.

Unfortunately, "bullies" can be found almost everywhere. We can help your child cope with them.

Martial arts training can neutralize bullying.

The program we offer gives children the confidence and skills to protect themselves from aggressive children.

Children learn the skills they need to defend themselves before abuse becomes physical. If your child is terrified of going to school, or reluctant to go out and play with others as a result of being bullied, or if he is scared by the presence of children who know they have bullied others, the best thing he can do for them is to bring him to our specialized program.

How to avoid bullying at school

They are the questions most asked by our parents and school teachers as it is a very delicate subject since it is very complicated, children do not say anything until they reach many years for fear of the aggressors and where the teachers are not their fault because they have many dependent children. Where a bully already uses social networks and this helps in the growth of cyberbullying.

We will teach our students how to befriend their aggressor, communication exercises with scenarios of situations so that they feel identified and can tell the teachers or parents, both for themselves and in the case of a friend who also suffers from it. We will always avoid aggressions as this will be worse for both of us.

Harassment statistics 

  • The 47% from 5 to 11 years old had some level of harassment.
  • The 20% is performed from 8 years to 13 years.
  • The 80% say to see seen attacks and harassment
  • The 85% the teachers could see and stop.
  • The 51% of junior and youth students already suffer cyberbullying.
  • The 25% they tell parents, teachers. 

With these statistics you can see the reality of this problem yourself

What happens after the bullying?

Not focused on their studies, where they are thinking what will happen when they are in a place or pass through a place where the bullies are. They will not want to go to school or to the place where it is committed. 

Problems with the head, since they will be thinking every day about the harassment without being able to sleep and with nightmares, with dizziness and a lot of fatigue.

These are the most important problems since many juveniles may commit recklessness to end these problems. A study conducted revealed that the 14 % thought about committing suicide or hurting himself and the 7% if he tried.

What type of child becomes a bully?

Psychologists know that there are a number of reasons that make a child become a bully. They include;

Children who learn this type of dominant behavior from their own parents or siblings, and imitate the same using others as their own target.

Children who feel misunderstood, unloved, forgotten, and never given honest attention.

Children who lack the power to change negative situations, such as their own abuse at home or parents who abuse each other in front of them.

The "badly bred" children who get everything they want and have learned to control their parents. 

Children who lack the ability to "understand the feelings of others." 

It is unfortunate that these problems can lead to bullying, and it is important to understand what can cause a child to bully others.

Safe children are not victims.

They are usually not chosen in the first place by bullies. They behave in a confident manner that is very noticeable, and therefore they have an image that does not project weakness. Bullies are looking for an easy target, one that they can predetermine and that will react in a fearful and predictable way. It is not much different from the way a thief profiles his victim on the street, or an animal searches for prey in the wild.

How we will help you 

After years of experience, we can say that we are able to help your son or daughter avoid being bullied. Our program has been proven to train and teach them to counter any attempt at bullying. And, best of all, this is done in a non-violent way. 

We offer age-appropriate self-defense classes throughout the year to help your son or daughter gain confidence and self-discipline. 

With our qualified instructors who know exactly what boys and girls need to be proactive against bullying. Martial arts are a discipline of the mind, and one becomes sharper and more attentive, both physically and mentally. 

There is no reason why your child should be bullied and harassed. We are specialists in this area and we can offer the help that you, as parents, are looking for.

You just need to take a test class!