This day where all the children will be able to attend dressed up and to do a class with all their friends and family.

The father, for a day, will train with his son where we teach him to perform exercises for his son. In addition, the parent can see how the instructor performs them so that they can do it at home with their child.

The mother will carry out the class with her son and will see how the exercises and the values taught in the classes are carried out.

This is an increasingly popular party in our country, that is why we celebrate it with a special class where children can attend school dressed up and do a different class, with the option of inviting friends and family. Where games and contests will be held.

It is one of our star activities! As we have more time, we work on all the skills of our children's program, combining them with activities of the summer camp. The student will achieve more responsibility and organization in their free time, improve communication between colleagues and social attitude. It will favor the curiosity and creativity of the student.

They start at 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at noon from Monday to Friday. (With the option of leaving at 1:00 p.m. before eating). The children carry out workshops for crafts, English, school revision, ceramics, etc. Everything is combined with other activities such as: outings to the swimming pool, cinema, theme parks, theater and different excursions. more information in the summer camp sheet.

On this day, after their class, they can be at school with more friends to see a children's movie.

We organize marathons and races in different places and parks. It is an activity for parents and students.

We go out in search of adventure! It is an activity for parents and students. The child will perform his exercises and skills outside of school, in a park in Madrid.

On these dates the students will obtain the new belt by passing a physical and technical test. Parents and relatives will be able to cheer on this important day for them.

Our interested students will be able to participate in different modalities. It is a non-mandatory activity, like the rest of those mentioned above. We attach great importance to teamwork and discipline, so that in the end our kids learn an invaluable life lesson.