Kickboxing is a martial sport for all ages, from 2 years to approximately 75 years. If you are looking to have a good physical shape and at the same time learn to defend yourself, this is your place. Adult work is learning good self-defense fast while achieving your physical goals. For children we offer a personal safety program, where values such as family, good behavior at school and social relationships with friends and colleagues are instilled, always hand in hand with the best martial instructors and educators.

We have different training programs for both children and adults, from basic to advanced, where by working with body and mind we will achieve the desired results of each person. where they will help you in a mental and physical training. In a short time you will see those results and you will feel more energetic and confident.

Our instructors will give you some technical kickboxing classes where you will learn while having fun. Our classes are personalized, with 1, 2 or 3 instructors in each class. We will also help you in nutrition programs to reach your goal more quickly.

Our instructors have been training for 10 to 25 years with the best kickboxing fighters and trainers from around the world, in the US, Japan, Thailand, the Netherlands, etc. They have competed all over the world, and this makes the students have a higher technical level, since they can improve without having to travel.

Our difference with other kickboxing or kickboxing fitness schools is that our classes are technical and we are based on a teaching system where we attach great importance to weekly learning, so that every week you will learn new techniques. We have a system of belts for assistance where you will change colors as you come to training and learn.